Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Get UnJunked!

Thanks to being a BzzAgent, I had the opportunity to try new UNREAL candy. This line of candy features no artificial flavors or dyes, no hydrogenated oil, and no corn syrup! With three little ones, we try to avoid these things as much as possible, and it's great to know we can splurge and have a yummy treat... without the junk!

We've tried both the candy-coated chocolate (like M&Ms), and the peanut butter cups (like Reeses). Both were absolutely delicious! Another huge bonus is that they can be purchased in your local grocery store or drugstore. (Living in a rural area, I don't have access to a health food store... but I found these at CVS). AND they are about the same price as your typical candy.

To learn more, check out http://getunreal.com/