Sunday, December 27, 2009

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As mother to three young children, I'm constantly striving to lead a more natural lifestyle and seek out healthier alternatives to mainstream products. Of course, it's not always easy, and I don't claim to be perfect, but I feel that even baby steps can make a big difference. My main reason for starting this blog is to help spread the word about the many wonderful eco-friendly, family-oriented, and/or handmade products out there to help others on their journey.

I promise to give honest reviews, based on our first-hand experience with said products. I will incorporate the products into our everyday life, as crazy and chaotic as it may be at times. That way, my readers will not only be able to read about my opinions, but the reactions of my children (ages 4y, 3y and 18m) as well.

In the interest of being able to experience the products to their fullest, and give relevant, knowledgeable reviews, I will only accept products that are applicable to our family and lifestyle. Here is a [partial] list of products we would be interested in reviewing...
* natural cleaning products (with three little ones, the house is always in need of cleaning!)
* natural bath and body products (for baby, young children, and/or adults)
* healthy foods and snacks (nothing with HFCS or artificial colors, please)
* BPA-free products such as sippy cups, bowls, etc.
* cloth diapers and accessories (Been using them for 4 years on 3 children - we are CD fanatics here)
* Homeschool paraphernalia & children's craft supplies (geared toward preschool level)
* Special needs products (My 3yo son has a significant speech delay, sensory processing disorder, as well as a few other issues. While we obviously wouldn't radically change his therapy for the sake of a review, we are always keeping our eyes open for things that could help him)
* craft/sewing/WAHM supplies (I run my own Etsy shop, and am always looking for new products/materials to utilize in my business, and just for fun)
* almost any handmade wares (I heart handmade, and try to support independent artists and crafters whenever possible)

If you have any questions, such as current blog stats, or if you would like to discuss me reviewing your product/company, please don't hesitate to email me at


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